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Your own place, your house. You’ve dreamed about it for a long time. And let us guess: the search for a loan wasn’t part of those dreams. It’s quite a hassle if you want the best deal (and you do). Would you rather focus on something else? hypotheek.winkel is the one place where we know the terms of 25 banks and explain them so simply that you understand. For free.

Bankers are good at wrapping their percentages in a pink bow, without telling you everything about the extra conditions. It’s their job. Our job at hypotheek.winkel is to compare the banks and tell you which loan best suits your situation. Because a mortgage is always custom-made.

How Can We Help?

We can assist with everything from the standard purchase of a move-in ready home two streets over to a wild project like a forest in the Ardèche. As long as it’s a mortgage loan, we can and want to help.

Here are the most common questions we receive:

But even if you want to borrow for a tiny house or agricultural land: we have a file on that. To be honest, we even enjoy it when a challenging project comes up.

It’s custom work that we take the time for. Even better, we do it for free. How can that be, without you paying for it? We’ll explain here.

Trouwens. Hoe rapper je bij ons aanklopt, hoe liever. De eerste stap is namelijk om te weten wat je kán betalen, en dat weet je liefst voor je op Immoweb springt. Over huizen kopen heeft iedereen zijn gedacht, maar je laat je hoofd beter niet zot maken door je schoonouders. Maak een afspraak bij hypotheek.winkel, met de koffie, zonder de stress.

Unsure if hypotheek.winkel Can Help You?

Are you in a situation where you’re still unsure if hypotheek.winkel can help? Call or email a hypotheek.winkel near you or drop by, and we’ll look at it together.