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We would love to get to know you and your dream home at one of our 62 hypotheek.winkels in Flanders and Brussels. We will take a look at your personal situation and arm you throughout the buying process with tips & tricks, from determining your budget to taking out your mortgage loan. 

Does hypotheek.winkel compare mortgage loans for free?

Of course we do get paid for what we do. This comes from the financial institution where you take out your home loan. The 25 banks that hypotheek.winkel works with compensate us almost equally and you can see this on the screen – no secrets. So you can always expect honest and independent guidance from us towards your mortgage loan. 

 “Everything is explained clearly and simply. No big words, just simplicity.”

Philip, gardener

The path to their mortgage loan:

“Going to banks and negotiating our mortgage loan wasn’t something we wanted to do. Hypotheek.winkel saves you work and time.”

Emma, communications officer

“I’ve recommended hypotheek.winkel to many people already. They may not believe the service is free, but it is.” 

Dominique, midwife
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