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That the Belgians have a passion for property is well known. And often, our appetite is big enough for a second property as a dessert. Something small by the sea or in the Ardennes, a project in Provence, or student housing to rent out: real estate remains a typical investment.

Does hypotheek.winkel have tips for that as well? Always.

You don’t need to be a virologist or investment expert to understand the graph of real estate prices. They have been rising significantly for over ten years. Of course, the past is no guarantee of the future, but you certainly shouldn’t expect much from money in a savings account.

However, one warning: keep climate goals in mind. Whether you’re looking for yourself or to rent out, energy-guzzling properties will indeed lose value.

The rules are becoming stricter regardless.

So, buy with foresight, or at least account for significant renovation costs.

Types of second homes:

    1. Second Home in Belgium
    2. Second Home Abroad
    3. Buying a Property to Rent Out
    4. Agricultural Land, Forests, Expats, … We also have solutions for these.

And this is not the whole story.

If you also want to invest in a garage or a few hectares of agricultural land, want to know how much registration fees you will pay, or want to know what such a second home can yield in tax benefits—all those boxes on the tax form!—it’s best to talk to our experts.