Compare Your Mortgage Loan

You could simply walk into your bank and take out a loan there. But whether it’s the most advantageous option is a different question altogether. A responsible homeowner compares different mortgage loans before making a decision.

Compare Mortgage Loans Yourself…

Shopping around and comparing mortgage loans can save you a lot of money, and isn’t that a responsible homeowner’s duty? It’s ingrained in our culture. Buying a house? Then you need to go to the bank for a loan. Requirements: a lot of time, a robust Excel sheet, and a dictionary for all that jargon.

Don’t feel like navigating through all the formulas and financial institutions yourself? That’s no problem, because that’s exactly what hypotheek.winkel wants to do for you.

… Or Let Us Compare Your Mortgage Loan for You

We compare the terms of 25 banks for you. And yes, we look beyond that 2% interest rate your bank boasts about. We compare your entire mortgage loan.

What good is an interest rate that’s 0.10% lower if your fire insurance turns out to be twice as expensive?

We comb through all the details and point out the pitfalls of the mortgage market. That’s how mortgage loan comparison should be done!

Save Time and Money by Comparing Loans

Don’t feel like dealing with all that hassle? Because that’s what it is in the end. We’d be happy to help you at our office with your home loan. Oh, and did we mention that it’s completely free?