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Mortgage rate simulation

Got your eye on a beautiful house? Well, then you can take a sneak peek here at the kind of mortgage interest rate you might expect on your mortgage loan. Naturally, there are plenty of banks and a myriad of conditions. That’s why we’re not providing just one interest rate, but an average.

Is your bank asking for a lot more? In that case, we’ll guide you towards other options. Maybe you know a bank that offers a lower rate? It’s possible—after all, we’re calculating an average—but if it’s a significant difference, consider discussing their additional terms with one of our mortgage experts. Sometimes, a bank may keep the interest rate low, but you might end up paying more due to things like mandatory insurance bundled in the same package.

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With a fixed interest rate, it remains constant throughout the entire duration of your loan. This means you’ll pay the same fixed amount throughout the entire term.

In the case of a variable interest rate, the bank establishes a formula that indicates when the interest rate can be revised. The most common options are as follows:

  • 1/1/1 → A revision occurs every year.
  • 3/3/3 → A revision occurs every 3 years.
  • 5/5/5 → A revision occurs every 5 years.
  • 10/5/5 → The first 10 years have a fixed interest rate, then a revision occurs every 5 years.
  • 15/5/5 → The first 15 years have a fixed interest rate, then a revision occurs every 5 years.
  • 20/5/5 → The first 20 years have a fixed interest rate, then a revision occurs every 5 years.

Make a free appointment, and we’ll also explore all the other – less common – formulas for you.

The interest rate is significant, but it’s not everything.

We can’t stress it enough, in big bold letters: THE INTEREST RATE ISN’T EVERYTHING. Yes, your banker will emphasize it, and your friends will endlessly discuss that half percent more or less…

However, after more than 20 years in the housing market, we dare call ourselves experts. The lowest interest rate isn’t always the best. Because what’s attached to it? Mandatory checking account? Home insurance? Loan protection insurance? That whole package together can make a substantial difference (tens of thousands of euros), but you won’t see it in the interest rate.

And what do YOU want? How much can YOU comfortably pay each month without stress? Would you prefer to pay less initially to limit the costs? There are solutions for all these questions, but you need to know them!

In short — what we’re trying to say is: Make a free appointment, and we’ll discuss it further!

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