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Mortgage Loan for New Construction

Starting a new construction project begins even before the first stone is laid. And it lasts longer than the final stone. From soil certificates and energy requirements to the cadastre and delivery: there’s certainly some wisdom you can use along the way. Do you prefer concise, one-page per topic without any fluff? Check out our Ebook!

Tips for New Construction

Everyone has an opinion about new construction: your friends, your in-laws, and Uncle Gilbert who claims he can pour concrete like no other. At hypotheek.winkel, we’ve seen many people come and go with just as many stories. You can learn a lot from that.

That’s why this e-book is so handy: at each step of the process, you get tips on how to save costs, keep the schedule on track, and avoid problems. From the start of the new build to your mortgage loan.

Did you know…

  • That it’s better to take out separate loans for the land and the house?
  • That an architect is mandatory, even if you want to build everything yourself?
  • That you don’t need to know everything about energy regulations?
  • That you shouldn’t move in before the provisional delivery?
  • That you have to inform the cadastre yourself about your move?
  • That you are protected against major mistakes for ten years?
  • That you don’t pay registration fees on the construction?