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Loan revision: refinance today and save

Fancy a free bathroom, kitchen, sofa, or a trip around the world? Then you might want to consider refinancing your loan. By revising your current loan, you could potentially save a significant amount of money.


Is refinancing your loan beneficial for you?

Whether refinancing is beneficial for you depends on whether the advantage of a lower interest rate or shorter term outweighs the associated costs. It’s as simple as that! Well, not entirely. A new payment plan requires a thoughtful approach, which we are happy to handle for you. This way, we can quickly calculate how much less you will pay monthly and the total amount you will save over the entire term.

If refinancing your loan isn’t beneficial for you, you’ll only lose half an hour of your time. You never have to pay us for the work done.

Saving thousands of euros in just 30 minutes? It’s possible!

Online simulation of your refinancing?

Unfortunately, you won’t find an online simulation tool on our website. We’ve thought long and hard about how to develop this, as it’s not straightforward. Many factors determine whether refinancing your mortgage is beneficial, but calculating the total savings accurately through a few short questions is particularly challenging.

Reasons why this is currently unfeasible:

  • Interest rates change weekly. Which rate should you use to determine if refinancing is beneficial? This can only be indicative.
  • Fixed or variable interest rate? What suits your project best?
  • Do you want to lower the monthly cost or also shorten or extend the loan term?
  • Are there energy-efficient renovations included in the refinancing?
  • Is internal refinancing possible, or can we find a better offer at another bank?
  • Was there a drawdown period at the start of the loan for new construction or renovations? This affects the outstanding debt.
  • Is there a conditional discount on the current mortgage? If so, how do you compare this with the cost of the new loan? Do we include the cost of the conditions in the comparison or not? Should you opt for a conditional discount on your new loan or not?
  • Do you want to include the refinancing costs in the new loan or not? Some lenders prohibit this, while others allow it.
  • Should we consider the fiscal aspect of the housing bonus, or is this unnecessary? (important when shortening the duration of the new loan). Or should we consider the federal long-term savings tax?
  • If we create a calculator, it can only be indicative, focusing on one aspect: whether the monthly payment is lower with the new loan. But shouldn’t we start with what the customer actually values and feels comfortable with (and a lower monthly payment is just one small part of that)?
  • Are there any new projects on the horizon that we should consider when setting up the loan?

As you can see, it’s difficult to create a tool that provides an honest overview. We can only ensure whether refinancing is beneficial during a personal conversation. So, it’s best to make an appointment, and you might start saving a lot of money as early as next month.

The Refinancing Dictionary

Here are four tongue-twisters about refinancing your loan, simply explained, so you’ll perfectly understand what your banker is talking about. Yay, jargon!

Wederbeleggingsvergoeding: No less than eight syllables to express that you have to pay compensation or damages if you terminate your loan early.

Costs for the termination of your existing mortgage: Choosing is losing. Your old loan needs to be canceled (also known as ‘release’ or ‘discharge’) via a notarial deed, and that costs money.

Costs for the new mortgage: Here too, a notary is involved again.

Don’t forget that there may also be file fees and appraisal costs.

Fortunately, at hypotheek.winkel, we take all these extra costs into account to determine whether refinancing is a good idea for you.

Review your refinancing options at one of our hypotheek.winkel locations near you.

Still unsure about refinancing your loan? We know it’s not a top priority for most of you. Going through the whole process again… There are, of course, much more enjoyable things to do. But on the other hand, by setting aside just one hour, you might save a few thousand euros. Now, that money can really be spent on fun things, right?