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Disclaimer and recognitions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Dutch version of this document will govern our relationship – this translated version is provided for convenience only and will not be interpreted to modify the Dutch version. For the Dutch version, please see this page.

The following terms and conditions apply to the hypotheek.winkel website. By using the website, you accept the terms of use. You also agree to respect these terms of use.
Hypotheek.winkel reserves the right to alter these terms of use. Since you, as a user of this website, are bound by these terms, hypotheek.winkel recommends that you consult this page regularly.

1. Copyright
As a user, you expressly acknowledge that any information displayed on this website, as well as the data and all other elements, are and remain the legitimate property of hypotheek.winkel. As a user, you also undertake not to modify the information, data or other elements in any way.
Without prior written permission of hypotheek.winkel or the proprietor, the distribution, sale, dissemination, publishing, reproduction, communication, alteration or presentation of the information displayed, as well as the data and all other elements of this website, in whole or in part, is prohibited. Infringements of these intellectual property rights may lead to civil or criminal prosecution. Hypotheek.winkel reserves the right to take all necessary measures to avoid or terminate infringements of this copyright

2. Liability
All information displayed on this website, as well as the data, the calculation tools and all other elements, have been compiled with the greatest care. However, they serve solely for your information as a user. Although the greatest care has been taken in compiling this information, we offer no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of this information and calculation tools. Hypotheek.winkel therefore offers no guarantee as to the information provided. The information provided on this website may under no circumstances be regarded as financial, fiscal or legal advice.
Hypotheek.winkel can in no way be held liable for any errors or mistakes on this website.
Hypotheek.winkel also cannot be held liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, due to any cause or reason, which may arise from the use of this website or the information provided. Hypotheek.winkel cannot in any way be held liable for any decision or action that you as a user may have taken based on the calculation tools or the information displayed, or the data or any other elements of this website. Hypotheek.winkel reserves the right to alter the information displayed on this website, as well as the data, calculation tools and all other elements without prior notice. Where this website contains links to other sites, hypotheek.winkel shall under no circumstances be held liable for the links, nor the existence or the content of such other websites.
Hypotheek.winkel has no control over the links provided, the content of these websites or the features of these websites. Any reference to another website is purely informative.

3. Accessibility
Hypotheek.winkel strives to keep this website and all related information permanently accessible to the extent possible. Hypotheek.winkel can in no event be held liable if it is impossible to use the information or data offered. Access to the website may be interrupted for reasons of force majeure. Also, hypotheek.winkel itself may interrupt access to this website due to maintenance and upgrading of the programs, information, or any other data or for technical reasons. Hypotheek.winkel can never be held liable for these interruptions, nor for any consequences thereof. The user can never make a claim for compensation against hypotheek.winkel because of this interruption or for any other reason.

4. User responsibility
The user may use this website provided that they warrant to hypotheek.winkel that they will not use this website for any unlawful, illegal purpose or any purpose prohibited by these terms, conditions and indications. If another user abuses the installation or access abilities of the user, the user is liable for this. The user confirms that any data provided by them is complete, correct and truthful.

5. Privacy law
Hypotheek.winkel respects the legal stipulations regarding the protection of privacy.
The website www.hypotheekwinkel.be uses “cookies”. These transmit data from your computer and contain traces of the Internet sites visited and information about that visit (they do not contain personal data). You can configure your computer to prevent the use of these cookies.
The data you enter via the secure area of our site are stored in our databases. We use this information to record login sessions for the “your records” page and to personalise the layout and content of the page for each user. In addition, we only use this data to compile statistics for internal use. Hypotheek.winkel processes the data collected and is responsible for it. Hypotheek.winkel considers your personal information to be confidential.
In accordance with the law, you may inspect, modify or correct all of your personal data. You can exercise this right by sending an e-mail to info@hypotheekwinkel.be.
If you feel that the privacy policy maintained for the hypotheek.winkel website does not adequately respect the relevant legislation, then please contact us. However, we do not wish to be held liable for the policy maintained in terms of privacy law for the websites to which you can find a link on our site. 

Until 24/05/2018, the Law of 8 December 1992 on the Protection of Privacy in respect of the processing of personal data, as well as its implementing decisions, constitute the applicable privacy legislation.

From 25/05/2018, this will be replaced by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC

  1. Your security
    Hypotheek.winkel cannot guarantee that the information you transmit to our server as a user will not be intercepted. Hypotheek.winkel implements procedures to secure the information transmitted and stored.7. Applicable law and competent court
    All disputes concerning this website shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law. Only the courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.

    8. Contact
    Hypotheek.winkel asks the user to notify us of any incorrect or unauthorised content accessible via these services, so that hypotheek.winkel can take the necessary and appropriate measures to modify or delete this information, or to make it inaccessible. Please contact us via email at info@hypotheekwinkel.be
    Hypotheek.winkel can be contacted by e-mail, fax or other methods. However, these channels may not be used to send a summons to hypotheek.winkel or to file complaints against hypotheek.winkel. Such contact cannot be enforced against hypotheek.winkel. The failure to respond to such messages does not imply that hypotheek.winkel would make concessions regarding any damages suffered.

    9. Supervisory body
    Supervisory body, Ministry of Economy, FPS Economy, SMEs, the Self-Employed and Energy General economic inspection services

    Avenue du Roi Albert II 16
    B-1000 Brussels
    Telephone 0800/12033

    Hypotheek.winkel’s conflict of interest policy can be found here.

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  1. FSMA recognition

Hypotheek.winkel, company number 0474.087.795, is recognised by the FSMA for home loans, insurance and consumer loans under FSMA number 061433. Hypotheek.winkel collaborates with a network of FSMA-approved mortgage brokers, consumer credit brokers and insurance sub-agents.

Because of its status, hypotheek.winkel is not tied to a financial institution and can therefore search independently for the best solutions for you.

Having regard to the commitment between the FSMA and hypotheek.winkel, the executive committee of the FSMA has subsequently recognised hypotheek.winkel BVBA as a training provider of continuing education for professionals in home loans and insurance. This recognition can be found under accreditation numbers 500187 H (Home loans) and 500187 A (Insurance) on the FSMA’s website.
Register of Legal Entities: Brussels