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A Property to Rent Out

Do you want to buy a house, apartment, or student rooms to rent out? The bank will consider 80% of the rental income for the loan if the contracts are already in place. If you still need to find tenants, they (as always) will be more cautious. An appraiser will come by first, and usually, only 60% of their estimated rental income will be counted. The same 60% applies to rental income from commercial properties.

Think Before You Begin

Be aware that landlords often have worries. Consider potential rental arrears, vacant periods between contracts, clogged pipes, damage from a student party, and more. You will be more involved than you think, and the problems always arise at the wrong time. Before you start investing in rental property, it’s wise to have some savings as a backup.

Student Rooms

For student rooms, it might be wise to invest in new constructions. Older student rooms with single glazing are almost never a good investment. Fire safety and furnishing standards change frequently and can vary between different student cities. This kind of investment requires a bit of market research.

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And did you think about…

If you also want to invest in a garage or a few hectares of farmland, or if you want to know what a second home can yield in tax benefits — all those boxes on the tax form!