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You can contact hypotheek.winkel with all your questions. We therefore promise nothing more than a complete follow-up from A to Z.

Any appointment can be helpful. So feel free to drop by for one of the following topics.

  • How much can I borrow
  • Compare 25 banks
  • Take out a mortgage loan
  • An exploratory conversation
  • How do I start my living dream
  • Going through the sales agreement
  • Getting rid of the paper mill
  • Tax Optimization
  • Which loan is right for me
  • Which monthly charge
  • Drawing up a financial plan
  • What pitfalls should I watch out for?
  • Dream house found but what will this cost me in total

Is your question not listed here?

That’s very normal. People come to us with hundreds of different questions. Too many to list them all. Logical with such an important decision. So just make an appointment so that we can help you further.